In Japan, there are no casinos because gambling is prohibited by law.
But now there are bars where you can enjoy poker and blackjack without spending money.
These satisfy Japanese law and can be played safely.
Even in Japan, with authentic dealers, tables, chips and cards.
You can enjoy playing poker with your friends and family with drinking.

Many tournaments and ring games are available.

English speaking staff is also available. English menus and automatic translators are available for free rental.

We can offer several ways to have fun.
You can use it as a bar and just relax and have a drink.
You can come alone and mix and play with many different people.
With 4 or more people, you can also enjoy private games and tournaments.
You can also reserve a private party for 20 or more people.
For reservations, please contact us by email, instagram or facebook DM.


  • POKERが好きな方、BARが好きな方
  • ディーラーをやってみたい方
  • 飲食、ディーラー経験者優遇
  • 未経験者も大歓迎!

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